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Thai Pineapple Sweet & Sour Simmer Sauce 400g


Including pineapple to sweet and sour simmer sauce enhances the meat tenderising process as well as adding natural sugars creating a rich fruity flavour. The special blend of high-quality natural herbs, spices, and other ingredients in One Rusty Jack Thai Pineapple Sweet and Sour Simmer Sauce guarantees a flavoursome and authentic Thai cuisine. Perfectly suited to preparing chicken, pork, or seafood dishes, include tossed through Asian vegetables and serve with cooked noodles or rice. 
Ingredient Listing: Pineapple (20%) [pineapple, water, sugar, food acid (citric)], water, sugar, onion, vinegar, brown sugar, chilli, fish sauce [anchovy, salt, sugar], sweet chilli sauce [sugar, vinegar, red chilli, garlic, salt, corn starch], tamarind concentrate, modified maize starch, garlic, coriander, turmeric. 
Allergen Summary Statement: Contains fish
Nutritional Information:
Servings per package: 4
Serving size: 100 g
Quantity per
Quantity per
100 g
Energy 535 kJ 535 kJ
Protein 1.2 g 1.2 g
Fat, total 0.4 g 0.4 g
– saturated 0.1 g 0.1 g
Carbohydrate 27.9 g 27.9 g
– sugars 25.9 g 25.9 g
Sodium 783 mg 783 mg